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Dr. shoes I am a sports shoe manufacturer's technical staff, but I am also a fan of sneakers, what world-renowned sports brand Nike zoom air used works by what? We 2005-07-19 10:11:33 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close For Nike zoom air cushion works well because of its official no technical details were released too much, so we can only speculate based on their analyzes. Currently popular on the Intern cheap jordans online et is a saying is this: Everyone knows zoom air is by air and in the middle of the fiber to shock, but it's exactly what mechanism? First, the structure is a zoom air cushion flat, then the middle of many of nylon fiber, with a flat top and bottom ends of the fibers of a fabric, may be up and down the inner wall of the way with hot air cushion is fixed. direction due to the expansion of gases and other properties, zoomm air cushion has Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping a tendency to form spherical, and nylon fibers will stretch into a tight state, thereby forming a balance, so that it can be maintained at such a thin thickness (a typical thickness of 8mm ), whether it is the will drum up. form nylon fibers are basically two: However, these nylon fiber in the end is how the shock of it? You must start thinking like me, thought it was a nylon fiber own rebound. That's so long ago I found weird place. Cheap air jordan 12 ovo For example, do not we hold a dental floss to straighten it, and this time it is with zoom air in tight nylon fibers exhibit the same state, when it forced to the middle pressure, what will happen? direct soft off, would not have to play the two ends is not it? That zoom air in the end is why this resilient it? A safe is actually very simple, you have learned when I was young, that tension. Let's look at the usual zoom air: when it is cheap jordans for sale under pressure from the upper and lower ends, the position of the force will be like nylon fiber floss as weakness, loss of tight state, while its upper and lower surfaces of the shorter distance, but the focus is outside the force position nylon fiber: As shown in the figure, since the force receiving portion by the volume reduction, this position would have been in the air is pushed to the other parts, resulting in an increase in press Retro jordans for sale ure unstressed position, volume expansion, the nylon fibers are stretched, i.e. not force receiving portion is elongated. is stretched nylon fiber tension will increase, than the original equilibrium value is also large, because the distance is short, so it should be able to remain within the elastic deformation range. When the power over the maximum after (you can imagine the force into the normal curves), the larger tension will force t Cheap air jordans for sale he back to the original nylon fiber length and size down to balance the tension on duty, so Volume unstressed portion will reduce, and the air force to squeeze section, then the original parts of the force of the pressure will increase, resulting in an undershoot power up, this is what we feel the stretch. mechanized full terms, zoom air cushion itself, already has a cushion property cushion shock, but the middle and lower ends fixed joined cheap foamposites nylon fiber support material, in the shock absorbers, the fiber itself is stretched by the increased tension , you can prevent the force part continue to shrink, so can zoom air in such a short distance, providing a very excellent shock absorption, followed in order to increase the tension force the fiber length back to equilibrium state, squeezing the air so The original parts of the force of the pressure increase resilience, so it also has cheap jordans for sale mens to make amazing flexibility and feedback. If you shock the principle of common air of view (first ignored will complicate matters in the end), it is largely unaffected by increasing the volume of parts of the force, the tension generated by the expansion of the plastic skin to provide a response Flexible. zoom air in addition also has a plastic skin tension, but also increased the number of nylon fiber, so it will be excellent elastic re Retro jordans for sale sponse rate than ordinary air, its essence is that the tension between the use of nylon fibers and fight each other to adjust the air pressure to produce the role of shock absorbers and feedback. Related newsNew engraved Air Jordan 6 Rings " Bred" red color will be officially listed in November 30th, more than double Air fusion Jordan is on behalf of the details of the shoe body, plus classic black and red color of the blessing, you expect cheap jordan shoes for men it? item: 322992-071 release date: November 30thOnce again the Olympic year, almost all of the sports brand will do two things at this point, and that is to launch its own new season of the Olympic equipment and review their own previous Olympic classic products. As a world leader in sports NIKE naturally will not miss such an opportunity will ever classic re-debut. NSW will now see is engraved in this year launched Nike Zoom Uptempo V Premium "US national team color." Although Jason Kidd has already launched a list of today's arena of the strongest point guard, and once the Zoom Flight V also has been renamed to Zoom Uptempo V, but still classic. Our memories of a pair of eyes, a lot of veteran fans can not forget the shoes. Such a very memorable shoes, very worthy of our start. Source: solecollectorChinese shoes Network February 13 hearing, earlier seen mita sneaker creative director of national well-wing of wearing a pair of sneaker less familiar in Japan, he asked to know the Reebok classic shoes Workout, or with the mita sneaker joint models, later this year, is verification of the original twenty-fifth anniversary of these shoes birthday, no wonder the country to disturb Mr. Wells. The Reebok shoe do not know is not looking for cooperation addicted, except mita, this time got the same wave Limited Edt famous shoe launch cooperation models Workout Plus. The Limited Edt inspiration very novel, and got the local Popular Singapore King Tiger Beer (should be a lot of people drink it), can be described as the same root, and in the 80's Tiger Beer bottle color for the design blueprint, with 80s retro shoe, then combined with each emitting a thick retro flavor. Culture and meaning have, combined with so shiny color, is there a make your heart feel it?