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Fan: commissioning editor date: 2016-3-13 photo show: Anta 2016 WCBA all star game color shoes 2016 WCBA all star game, Anta Sports League sponsors for the event to launch exclusive boots, Southern Star team for the pink color, the North Star team is the blue color, very cool. (Sports Sohu Jude / photo)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] when the domestic sports brands have exposed high inventory, performance decline, the international big glory had also embarked on a downhill. Yesterday, Adidas Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping released 2013 earnings, according to the exchange rate constant calculations, the brand in 2013 in Greater China sales revenue increased 7%. After Beijing Daily reporter combing found that the growth rate of Adidas Greater China last year hit the lowest in nearly three years, the growth rate of the past few years and this is the first time into the single digits. Reported Adidas Greater China sales revenue last year, 1.655 billion euros, for a 7% growth rate, high Skyline director of Adidas Group, general manager of Greater Ch cheap jordan shoes for men ina, said: "We have entered 'the road leading to 2015' strategy The lower half stage, the progress achieved delighted. " However, comparative data from the point of view, last year's growth rate is clearly not optimistic. In the overall domestic economic growth slowed, consumer downturn, the sporting goods industry generally fall into decline, as Anta disclosed in its earnings report it, "Chinese sports industry in general face of excess inventory, and retail channels overexpansion and mismanagement the challenges, "At present, cheap foamposites several major sports brands are still struggling, the international brand naturally escape. Some industry insiders believe, Adidas and other international brands through the early rapid growth in the domestic market, has been caught in the dilemma of growth momentum disappeared, inventories began to increase. Previously, Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Zoufang and Shi Changshi found it when local sports brand in the domestic promotion of a slight fever in, Adidas and other international big discount fighting still Retro jordans for sale going on, part of the sales staff said the new products is played 5-9 fold range of concessions. The reason for the big international sports current difficulties experienced sluggish growth, the key to the Beijing Sports Advisory Co., Ltd. CEO Zhang Tao think, on the one hand is affected by ZARA, Uniqlo fast fashion brand influence, on the other hand is in three or four lines City suffered a strong blocking local brands. Even so, earnings from Adidas look, last year, the Greater China region, or higher sales growth of the br Cheap air jordan 12 ovo and. Calculated according to the exchange rate remains unchanged, the adidas Group 2013 sales revenue increased only slightly under 3% of the value of its sales in several regions of the world are showing single-digit growth, which is the emergence of Western Europe 6% fell. As for this year, for Adidas, Greater Denver area will also be important. "We will continue to maintain strong momentum Adidas, will launch a series of innovative products and marketing activities, as well as 2014 World Cup in Brazil, all of which will help cheap jordans for sale mens to maintain a healthy Adidas in China, lasting development." High Skyline said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network of global fashion network & nbsp; shoe.)to commemorate the sixty-sixth NBA all star game, Jordan Brand New Orleans in the host city opened a 3 day limit and demonstrate a variety of Pop-Up Store, which defines the shoes, the launch of the Air Jordan don't note total golden 31, shoes follows the outline and technology of Air Jordan 31 bu cheap jordans online t put on the whole Golden leather with dark lines highlight the high-end sewing feeling, and finally to the pressure on the surface of shoes classic wing pattern, full of sentimental value. after a 6 visit to Italy craftsmen, and more than 100 double sample test, Fear of God new shoes Military Sneaker officially unveiled in June this year, after the first wave of offering a black nylon version and black nubuck leather version, the designer Jerry Lorenzo and Instagram announced the new design of the "October Grey" color. The de Cheap air jordans for sale sign of using grey nubuck leather superior texture high boots section contour, collocation Velcro straps, medial Riri zipper, and "white" sole present high-end street style sawtooth. It is reported that this section of color will be officially on the Fear of God official website this week. in the world greatly small marathon, title, gold trophy are almost include Kenya and Ethiopia athlete. Occasionally be linked to the title of "bonus Hunter", or to be "alien" perspective. But most people have to understand the underlying rea cheap jordans for sale son. life dilemma a non player of young Kenyans living is probably so: after getting up to cook soup feeding the size of home, postprandial wearing tattered shoes and clothing, walking to the 35 miles place class. After the end of the day of the course, they returned to the home, also busy with farming or fed to livestock, but those crops and livestock is not edible, but sells, and sales income at best, day in and day out, the only spend on meals (meals is the largest household spending). Dinner (light corn porridge) after dinne Retro jordans for sale r, the young can only use small lights for reading and doing homework, until the night to sleep. only way out day after day life, if young people have a good education, but if there is no opportunity to seek a stable job can not be. In addition to school, only sports players for the best way out. A good run of young people, about 15 years old (or earlier) will be selected to enter the training center for long distance running exercise. At twenty years old when I head (main), for the training center and their family to earn a prize. comparison, a chief of the Kenya police, a monthly salary of about ranging from 20 to 25 dollars, and the price of a new pair of running shoes is about 2300 yuan Kenya shillings, conversion is about $30. If even become a full-time police are unable to afford a new pair of running shoes, then you can imagine become athletes is how to attract people. Oh, btw, Taiwan's unemployment rate is about 4%, Kenya's unemployment rate is 40%, you can choose to be prostitutes or pickpockets, or when there is no vagrants, migrant workers (farmers find it) or toiled unable to make ends meet, or all day long bitter ha ha, five pecks of rice is upset housewife, according to this view, when paying the police are still very lucky. fame soon young people into the training center in Kenya, their lives will be controlled by the training center. Whether eating and sleeping, no not to be a marathon runner set. Every morning after breakfast, they are morning training, after receiving education, later to aerobics. Their diet and training costs, full by the training center self absorption of the subsidies, but relative, Kenyans must become a player and a player can get a bonus, because the prize money will most likely be delivering training center. Basically to train at the training center you are signing professional players, if there is no combat power, does not have the result, after leaving the training center, you still broke. Poor life piled Kenya people to become combat, players score consciousness. player production if you look closely, many marathon champion Kenya, Ethiopia players actually 〉